Katja Flükiger

Public Art Fund Spring Benefit

Event branding for Public Art Fund’s 2020 Spring Benefit. A little neon goes a long way, especially for a theme such as 'Psychedelic Jungle'. We had so much fun exploring. We travelled to the 60s to learn from Bonnie Maclean, stole the stripes from a Zebras back, and mixed colors like there was no tomorrow. We ended up with a triple mounted card, with die cut tiger stripes (originally they were Zebra-stripes but then I remembered that Zebras do not live in the jungle so now they are tiger-stripes).

Completed at AHOY Studios (2020) // Art Direction: Denise Sommer, Connie Koch // General creative input from Denis Kuchta and Oktay Sönmez // Production: Masterpiece