Katja Flükiger

The R. Buckminster Fuller Cooking Challenge


Organised by Lars Müller Publishers
"A cool treat for hot days, and one of Bucky’s personal favorites!"

Cream of Tomato Ice Cream with Parmesan Crisp.
Made in collaboration with Matty Ingram.

Mobile Mask Machine


The Mobile Mask Machine is helping NYC to stay safe one mask at a time with a pay-it-forward ethos.
Collaboration with Janique Robillard and Matty Ingram

Photos by Janique Robillard

Visti da Fuori


A glimpse into the life of Andrea, cheesemaker and farmer of Santorso, Italy.

My contribution to: Made in Italy: Intercultural Encounters in the Veneto
Organised by: The College of the Atlantic

Cooper Hewitt Social Media Campaign


Short animation highlighting an object from the Cooper Hewitt collectionHandkerchief of the Holland America Line (1920) Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Simeon Braguin

Art Direction: Ellen Lupton and Jason Gottlieb.
Completed at the Maryland Institute College of Art



Glücklich is an animated collection of smiles and memories asking the question — When was the last time you were truly happy?  

Official Selection at the Animation Film Festival, Gdansk

Instructor: Nancy Andrews
Completed at: College of the Atlantic

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