Copy of The Universal Times

The Universal Times

Reimagining a cult classic
in a non-linear fashion


The cult classic The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams is not just a story. It is a world created across media and time. Inspired by graphic design for cinema, I set out on a quest to discover how to retell his story through graphic design. I used Slime Mold to grow my own micro universe and to generate an organic visual language that would convey the context, feel, and emotion of the novel. The Universal Times is a non-linear attempt at approaching the narrative through the context, the world of the novel. 

All Content is adapted from and based on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (1979) by Douglas Adams.



Follow the yellow connections

By removing the element of linearity and time I was able to take apart the hierarchy of the narrative. If read in a linear fashion the story slowly reveals itself to the reader but the sequence of events stays hidden. 

To make sure the reader is not completely left in the dark I decided to build in a color coded system that connects the main plot points of the narrative. 

I was inspired by the single cell organism Slime Mold. If fed oats, the Slime Mold oats will make connections between them. It is an alternate form of intelligence that can learn through habitual learning and cannot be classified. It seemed to me adequately alien for this project.


Blob Face

Blob Face is a typeface based on slime mold. The letterforms are derived from close-up photographs of the mold. I chose to construct it through the counter forms of letters to give it a strange alien feel but still keep it recognizable.

Screen Shot.jpg

Completed at Maryland Institute College of Art (2018) under the guidance of Lindsay Ballant, Ellen Lupton, Jennifer Cole Phillips, Jason Matthews Gottlieb and with help of the whole MICA MFA GD class of 2018. Special Thanks to Potch, Matty, Aurora and Douglas Adams.

Typeset in: Proxima Nova, Tiempos and Blob Face.