Film Branding

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Creating promotional materials for thesis films. In two special collaborations with the MFA Filmmaking program at MICA we focussed on creating promotional assets such as posters and press kits to prepare their thesis films to be submitted to film festivals. 

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MFA Filmmaking

Completed at the Maryland Institute College of Art (2017/18) under the guidance of Kirsten Hollander.



Logline. A biracial teenager suffers through a secret government directive placing prisoners in underserved schools to undermine minority students.

Together with the filmmaker we came up with a concept that would communicate the dystopian nature of the film packed with desperation and emotion. The logo visually breaks up the word homework to shift the viewer's associations away from the task and reflect the importance of balance between the two. The colors of the poster later informed the coloring of the film. 

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7 Min 38 Sec | 4K | 2018| Written, Directed & Produced: Darrée
Starring: Constance Ui-Seng François and Craig F. Johnston | Editor: Craig F. Johnston | Cinematography: Daniel J. Helfer | Music: TJ Martin






Synopsis. Milo Danger, a straight-laced loner, loses his job of writing instruction booklets. Milo attempts to start again, but can’t seem to land back on his feet. With the bills starting to pile up, Milo begrudgingly attempts to get roommates. Milo’s precise plans don’t go as designed, and eviction from his home looms. Milo has to settle for a group of silly puppet roommates who are well-meaning but get on his last nerve. Can Milo and his newfound housemates make peace?

The challenge in this project was to develop the brand language before the film was actually completed. The project later was used to inform the new brand language developed after the film was completed. 

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Milo's Misfits

Directed by Will Bryson
Completed at Maryland Institute College of Art (2017) under the guidance of Kirsten Hollander.